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Degoey Planet is a growing collection of imagined and bought to life dreams... the ones we create... and the ones you curate... 

To begin the experience, we are introducing 'Femme' a range of luxury hoisery and 'Haus' a finely crafted range of eccentric ceramic home ware. 



Our hoisery is created with dancing in mind. We've embraced the unique cut and sew technique and crafted a pattern to enhance accentuate and extend the look of ones leg. This signature along with our fine fabric choices, designs and printing techniques sets us apart from your traditional pair of knitted socks.



Our ceramics are a collection of vessels designed and created through the art of clay and glaze. Inspired by parts of the body the first range plays with functional pieces which also serve as decorative pieces of art featuring eccentric elements of jewellery and embellishments of gold glaze. Each individual piece is delicately crafted and glazed by hand meaning that no one piece be identical to the other.


Degoey Planet takes pride in offering locally handmade pieces, all our creations are handmade in Burleigh Heads, QLD with attention to detail and using the highest quality materials and techniques. We try our best to offer a product which is made with consideration to you and to the environment. Nothing is mass produced nor wasted, with each item purchased you are supporting a growing need for products made with artisanal methods.